⚔️ Battle

Fight your Binamons against other players for a chance to earn $BMON or $BNRG

Battle here: battle.binamon.org

Battle Mode 3.0 updates:

  • New interface, simpler and faster UI.

  • Battle animations, music and sound effects!

  • Music and animated pictures can be disabled at the top-right corner.

  • Want to start a battle? Go to the "Collection" tab and click the "Champion" button above your Genesis Binamon, or click on the link above.

  • You can change your Champion by going to the "Collection" tab and typing in your Binamon's NFT on the battle screen.


  • Bets in BMON, BUSD, and BNB pay out in BMON, while bets in BNRG pay in BNRG.

  • You can win exclusive prizes if you lose the battle (in the form of keys).

How to Get Started with Binamon's New and Improved Battle Mode 3.0

Battling can be tough, especially when you have no idea how it works. (“What do these numbers mean again? Ugh!”)

Luckily, we created this guide.

In this amazing revamped Battle Mode 3.0, we added a brand new, faster and simpler interface, as well as nice battle animations with music and sound effects.

But that’s not all we added.

Let's dive into this guide and I'll tell you everything you need to know about the new Battle Mode.

Getting Started

Before we can actually play, you have to make sure you have Genesis Binamon Monsters. How do you get Genesis monsters? Read our helpful guide or watch the video below to get started.

Once you have your NFTs ready, make sure they are unstaked and not for sale. You can find your Genesis monsters on our official app under the “Collections” section.

To get started, we can head on over to Battle Mode by going to battle.binamon.org (or going to your Genesis Binamon collection and clicking on the “Champion” button above the NFT) ​​and then connecting your wallet.

In this case, we’re going to be connecting the MetaMask wallet.

You’ll see an interface to sign a transaction, so go ahead and click to sign.

Once Quick Battle Mode has loaded, you might actually see a screen where it says to enter the NFT ID:

All you have to do is go back to your NFT collection and choose the right ID.

For example, if I wanted to use my Sauron Evolution card, I would just copy the ID number 121 and paste it into the box.

Once you enter your number, Battle Mode should be ready!

Enter: Battle Mode 3.0

Once Battle Mode loads, you’ll be greeted with the interface:

The two buttons on the top-right freeze the card animations as well as stops the music.

Now to start battling, you want to click on the “Approve” button right in the middle of the screen on the token you want to bet with.

Currently, you can bet BMON, BNB, BUSD, and BNRG tokens and change the amount you want to bet.

When you click “Approve,” you might see another transaction appear in your wallet again to spend the tokens you want to bet.

Go ahead and click on confirm.

As you can see on this interface, we have a win chance on the top here. The 67.12% is the win chance I have against this opposing card, the Sauron Binamon

To the right is the bet multiplier which is currently at 1.43X. The higher the bet multiplier, the more rewards you will earn during battle. As the win chance goes down, you’ll generally notice the bet multiplier going up.

You also have the prizes you can potentially win if you win or lose. (more on the prizes later)

You’ll also notice certain traits on both Binamon NFT cards:

The top-left represents the Element, which gifts the Binamon with unique qualities. We currently have 6 possible elements: Forest, Water, Fire, Light, Psychic, and Quantum.

On the bottom-left, we have the Hornpower for this card. This is the defense a Binamon has to withstand attacks. This number ranges from 10 - 100 (or 1-10), with higher numbers representing greater defense.

The bottom-right is the Attack of your Binamon. The higher the number is, the more powerful your Binamon monster will be.

Finally, we have the Class in the middle. Binamons are classified from Class 1 to 12. This allows you to battle Binamons of the same Class (or lower). The higher the Class of a Binamon, the better the rewards in tournaments.

Now, if you don't like this opponent, you can also click on the “Skip” button to choose a different Binamon to battle.

Once you’ve decided your opponent, selected the type of token you want to bet, and inputted the token amount, you’re ready for a fight!

Simply click on the “Fight” button and watch the two Binamon monsters duke it out!

Losing a Battle

If you lose a battle, not all is lost.

You’ll earn a mix of bronze, silver, and gold keys when you lose. These keys are useful because they’ll be used to open equipment chests, which allow you to (like the name suggests) unlock sweet equipment for your Binamon! (note: equipment chests will be implemented in a future update!)

Here are the new Key token contracts that you may get from Battle 3.0:

  • Binamon Bronze Key : 0x145fde75964c56d61ebb0b79b482faff63538f44

  • Binamon Silver Key: 0xcfa5449bcda1f68bcf19acd963b32e05805b8822

  • Binamon Gold Key: 0x5a5ee967954c1b772d6b3306959e75465abe2154

Winning a Battle

If you win a battle, you’ll earn more tokens in either BMON or BNRG, depending on which token you bet. Betting with BMON, BUSD, or BNB will earn you BMON tokens, and betting with BNRG will earn you more BNRG.

You can see the amount of tokens you can win at the top-left under the “Prizes” section in the battle interface right before battling.

Now, it’s Your Turn…

Have any questions or comments about the new Battle Mode 3.0?

Join our amazing Discord channel where we will answer any questions you have, and join an awesome community where we can battle together.

We'll see you guys in the Binaverse!

IMPORTANT: When battling, you will bet your available tokens in your wallet, and you could lose them if you face a loss. Binamon LTD is not responsible for losses incurred. The calculation is made completely random by the Blockchain - please do your own research before battling! And never gamble with money that you can't afford to lose.

Making Passive Income as a Defender

Actively battling isn’t the only way you can earn with Battle to Earn. You can also play as a Defender. This means if other players attack your Genesis NFT and you win, you get rewards!

IMPORTANT: You will only get a passive income if your NFTs are not converted into power or if they are not on sale.

Don’t worry - this process is completely passive, and you can earn rewards just by having a Genesis NFT!I When an attacker loses, that bet goes towards the prize pool.

Of those tokens, 1% goes to the defending card, which it receives in the form of a passive stake for battles.

If the prize pool grows, the other part of the winnings will go towards the stake rewards for the community and also for new product development.

100% will be reinvested in the community!

What happens if I lose?

New feature! If you lose you will get keys (golden, silver, and bronze) to open future equipment chests!

IMPORTANT: Binamon, the Binamon Team, and its associates and holders waive all responsibility for a loss of funds. The results are randomly calculated using Random on-chain methods, so we cannot guarantee any result.

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