Binamon™ Intro

Last update: 25-8-2021

Binamon is a complete metaverse of digital monsters. Our purpose is to bring to the Blockchain universe an amazing experience where newcomers can learn, earn, and most importantly have fun!

Binamon helps you earn income in six ways:

Collect, Trade, Farm, Stake, Battle, and Play

👨‍🌾 Farm

Earn by holding and adding liquidity to Binamon's Metaverse.

⚔️ Battle

Pit your Binamons against other players for a chance to earn $BMON.

🎮 Play

Kill enemies in our win to play game Binamon FIrewars, based on a ticket system!

🌳 Adventure

Explore a 3-D Metaverse to trade, play, upgrade, and even explore new planets.

💰 Collect and trade

Buy and sell your NFTs in the open marketplace with other real players. Earn massive profit and become a trading legend.

🌏 A New Planet Has Arrived

Tired of the Earth? No problem. Head on over to the new Planet Crypton where you can earn a unique type of Binamon - Planet Z1 Binamons.

🌊 Binamon's Making (International) Waves

We're not stopping until we reach outer space. Take a look at some of our flagship partners and where we've been:

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