🧩The Problem

There is a fundamental problem with the Genesis Binamons - and we cannot solve it with only Genesis alone.

At the time of writing, 180,000 Binamon NFTs have been generated, 46M BMON tokens have been burned, and 95M tokens remain in circulation - all after just 1 month of launch.​

With the launch of the Play to Earn game (during the month of August 2021), we expect an avalanche of players from all over the world to join. This could be around 3M to 10M players more!

So here's the deal: To generate 200,000 new Binamon NFT Monsters at the current price of 1200 BMON / Booster Pack, we will need to burn 80M BMON!

Keep in mind that we have a circulating supply of 95M right now, so burning this much BMON will simply dwindle away our remaining supply to unsustainably low levels. ​ So the maximum amount of players we can attract is 500,000 players to avoid overburning BMON tokens.

So how do we solve this problem? And what can we do to stop BMON from being burned into oblivion?

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