🃏Monster Booster Packs

Collect them all! Get the rarest Binamons by opening booster packs. Trade, evolve, and battle your monsters!

Binamons are created from the Smart Contract Booster Packs. The good news is you don't only get one Binamon - each pack gives 3 random NFTs with each purchase. These 3 NFTs are totally random, using our built-in smart contract equations.

To buy Genesis Booster Packs, you will first need to have BMON, which is the native currency of the Binamon Metaverse. You can buy it on PancakeSwap

When you buy a Monster Booster, those BMONs are automatically burned by the Booster's Smart Contract. You will receive your 3 new NFT monsters.

Keep in mind that this may take a few seconds to appear since it is an operation that is done on the blockchain and needs to be validated. This operation makes the BMON Token extremely deflationary.

It also means that there is a maximum supply of monsters that are possible to create, which is given by the supply of BMON.

In addition to that, every so often there is a Halving of monsters, causing the price of the Booster to increase.

We learned this from our friend Satoshi Nakamoto!


The Halving Equation (in greater detail):

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