How to Buy Binamon Tokens

There are 3 main Binamon tokens you can buy - BMON, BNRG, FUD and BMON-Z1. Here's how to buy them all on the famous exchange PancakeSwap!

Step 1: Transfer $BNB to your own wallet

Click Connect Wallet at the top of the list and select MetaMask. You will be prompted to add the Binance Smart Chain network, which you must do.

Here’s how:

From the dropdown menu, select settings and locate the Networks menu.

Click Add Network to manually add the Binance Smart Chain. It is recommended to add both the testnet and mainnet networks, although you’ll be using the mainnet for live trading. Here are the details for both:

Save the Network and return to the main view and your tokens will now be in BNB.

Next, go into MetaMask and your initial $BNB balance should appear. Copy the address to clipboard by clicking on your account name.

Go back to your exchange platform and choose Withdraw, on the recipient address, and paste your own wallet address to the Binance Smart Chain or BEP20 (BSC) transfer network.

Click Submit and follow the verification steps. After your crypto is withdrawn and in your account, you can finally buy $BMON!

Step 2: Trade and Exchange

Time to go to PancakeSwap. Once you’re on the site, on the left sidebar select Trade, then Exchange. Click Connect Wallet, enter the amount you want to exchange for $BMON, $BNRG, $FUD, or $BMON-Z1, then add your token in. You can do that by copy-pasting the corresponding address below:

  • 📁 BMON: 0x08ba0619b1e7A582E0BCe5BBE9843322C954C340

  • 📁 BNRG: 0xd8813B5Dfa9AbEB693F217Bb905ec99B66FB017C

  • 📁 FUD: 0xA810A1C9726De9695D0Fc6A37340E0971804e40e

  • 📁 BMON-Z1: 0x80E15FE54e9D155f8366187A6a32BDEF9C2366c4

Choose your Binamon token from the dropdown menu, verify, then click Swap.

Confirm your transaction and wait for the Transaction Submitted icon.

Congratulations! You now have $BMON! (Or $BNRG/$BMON-Z1!)

Guess what? Now you can buy your own Binamon!

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