⚡️ Energy NFTs

The Energy NFTs bring dynamism to the game and expand Binamon's universe, they also enhance the power of the Binamons.

Energy NFTs boost the power of your Binamons!

They will either boost their attacks or boost their defense.

Energy NFT's allow the merging or fusing of 2 Binamons. This will require an amount of energy.

Important: In order to empower a monster with energy, it is necessary that energy of the same element and of the same class. In this way, the rarer Binamons will need rarer energies to empower them.

And the most common Binamons will have easier access to energy.

As with monsters, there is the same rarity algorithm, however, there are only two energy states: Element and Class.

Energy is purchased with the energy token BNRG (Energia). It is a BEP-20 token that is traded with the BMON.

See the BNRG chart here:

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