⚡️ BNRG Token

Binamon Energy (BNRG) is the energy that flows throughout the Binaverse. It is used to evolve creatures, acquire unique items, and play in advanced game modes.

BNRG is used to generate energy NFTs, which help you take your Binamons to the next level. It is a necessary token to give that competitive edge over other Binamons - you can think of BNRG as the fire that keeps the wood burning.

Unlike BMON, which has a maximum supply of 300 million (and decreasing!), BNRG has an unlimited supply. However, this doesn't make BNRG any less important.

For example, Power Boosters can only be purchased with BNRG. And when you buy them, those BNRG tokens are burned.

On the other hand, Energy NFTs will be destroyed in advanced game modes, as users will have to sacrifice energy in order to gain achievements and empower Binamons.

Contract: 0xd8813B5Dfa9AbEB693F217Bb905ec99B66FB017C

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