🍀Rarity and Algorithmic Cost

The attributes of the Monsters' cards are randomly generated via the blockchain. Below, there is a table with all the rarity criteria:

The Rarity Table determines how probable is for a Monster to acquire certain characteristics.

The combination of uncommon features makes a monster even rarer.

For example, a monster with Light Element, Attack 7, Hornpower 50, and Class 5 will have a probability of: 0.004% of being discovered. To find out the chance of acquiring a specific monster, you would only need to multiply the probabilities to get your result! Knowing that three monsters come out for each Booster, you then would have to multiply by that by three. This means that to obtain that card, approximately 83 Boosters would have to be opened. This algorithm is statistical data, you can obtain it eventually with luck or patience to keep trying. The algorithm is a cost guide of the NFT. The formula is: (Rarity / 3) x BMON price.


The NFT can be sold for a higher or lower price than the one set by the Algorithmic Cost, depending on the market and your buyer. With the algorithmic cost, you have a guide related to the amount of BMON that you must spend to generate a certain Monster.

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