🔥BMON Token

BMON is the principal currency and valuable reserve in Binamon's metaverse. It is the divine particle that creates all life forms in the Binaverse.

BMON is necessary to create all metaverse creatures. It acts as the supply in liquidity pools and other currencies in the metaverse. BMON is a currency of permanent supply and every time a monster is created, 100% of those BMONs are burned. You heard that right - 100%.

So what does this mean for you? BMON is hyper-deflationary, and unlike other currencies, BMON is designed to go up in price. This also limits the amount of creatures created in the Binaverse, as the more monsters are created, the higher the cost will likely be.

Contract: 0x08ba0619b1e7A582E0BCe5BBE9843322C954C340

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