Trade (tokens and NFTs)
Buy and sell all of Binamon's currencies! Trade your NFTs with other players! The possibilities are endless.
Of course, you can always trade the various Binamon tokens to earn. But did you know you can also trade your NFTs?
Instead of keeping your NFTs lying around, you can use the ‘Escrow’ system to trade your NFTs. Go back to the home page and hit ‘Appr. Escrow’ to start a sale with your NFT.
Once that’s done you can press another button that pops up that says ‘P2P Sell.’
Once that’s done, you can see a list of all the NFTs you’ll be able to sell on the ‘P2P NFT’ tab.
Now, in order to sell your Binamon, you’ll have to set a price (in BMON tokens) for how much you want to sell it for. Once that’s done, copy the unique code for the NFT you’ll want to sell.
Finally, simply give that code to a potential buyer of your NFT! All the buyer has to do is click on the ‘Buy NFT’ tab and input the code, where they’ll be greeted with a display of your lovely NFT where they can purchase it using BMON, BNB, or BUSD tokens.
Having trouble finding a potential buyer? No sweat!
You can simply head on over to Binamon’s official Discord channel where you’ll be able to find a list of potential buyers and even reach out to others!







Last modified 3mo ago