🪐BMON Z1 Token

Billions of years ago, a great explosion resulted in the onset of the Binaverse. Significant amounts of BMON have impacted different planets. That BMON in contact with the atmosphere has mutated, and in the case of the planet Crypton, it has generated BMON-Z1.

BMON-Z1 is the raw material that gives way to the entire race of creatures on the planet Crypton. Being a more hostile planet, the creatures are much more aggressive and savage than the Genesis creatures of the Federation.

BMON-Z1 is necessary to create Crypton's monsters. All BMON-Z1 used are automatically burned by Smart Contracts. BMON-Z1's main pair and liquidity pool is BMON-Z1 / BMON. In this way, the currency connects directly with the Binamon Planetary Federation.

Contract: 0x80E15FE54e9D155f8366187A6a32BDEF9C2366c4

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