❗️The Solution

The only way to solve the overburning dilemma is Planet Crypton.

The solution: Planet Crypton.

With the event of a new Planet with its own native token, the problem of too many players will become null.

Why? Because with the new Z1-BEP token, new users will be able to purchase this token and avoid overbuying - and thus, overburning - the BMON token.

Now keep in mind that within the Binamon Team, we have a group of high-standing economists, mathematicians, and physicists along with the partnership of one of the most important game concept creation companies in the world: Koncepted (who worked with AAA titles like Warcraft).​ ​

That being said, the solution to meet the demand of million of new players is the creation of a Galactic Federation.​ ​ In Planet A-LGC-Z1's case, it will have its own currency, Z1-BEP (which will be a BEP-20 token with limited supply), with the same Tokenomics as BMON. That is, it will be highly deflationary.​ ​

This currency will have a pair against BMON, which at the same time is trading against BNB on Pancakeswap and at the same time trading with USDT on the CEXs that are listed with us.​

The Play to Earn (P2E) players will work for this currency, and the workers will mine the Z1-BEP, creating an amazing harmony and sustaining the planet's economy like no other!

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