🎮Binamon Firewars

Who doesn’t love playing games?In the world of Binamon, playing to earn is a feature that lets you take your Planet Z1 (or Planet Crypton) monsters and have fun in the process!


The new game of the metaverse where not only Z1 monsters, but also Genesis monsters will play and kill enemies, the economy of the game is based on a ticket system. Check the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3gGRG4xsJo

Binamon Firewars is a multiplayer game where you earn a porcentage of your opponent's ticket if you kill their monsters.

Currently, the game is under developement but you can play the beta test mode to start practising. Remember this is a Beta version and that the product is being improved:

Link to Download: https://we.tl/t-d7e2rXo3C4

Free Users: https://pastebin.com/DrXZg11M

This game will become the Binamon Arena, our MOBA game once the developement is finished. Binamon Firewars is a win to earn game, where your skills are highly valorated and needed to kill those enemies.

Check out our tutorial on how to buy Binamon tokens:

And while you're at it, watch our other tutorial on how to buy Booster Packs!

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