Who doesn’t love playing games?In the world of Binamon, playing to earn is a feature that lets you take your Planet Z1 (or Planet Crypton) monsters and have fun in the process!
Keep in mind you will need Planet Z1 monsters to play this P2E game! To get them you have to obtain BMON-Z1 and BMON tokens and buy a Booster Pack on https://nft.binamon.org/. The main game (which requires Genesis Binamon monsters) will be released in the future.
Don't know where to start? We've got you covered!
Check out our tutorial on how to buy Binamon tokens:
And while you're at it, watch our other tutorial on how to buy Booster Packs!

How to Get Started

Once you've got your Z1 Binamon monster, it's time to play! Check out our amazing tutorial to play the game:
2) Connect your wallet using a browser or wallet connect. You will now see your Binamon Z1 monsters.
3) Approve the contract with any of the buttons.
4) Choose and lock any NFT you want to use in the game. You will have a 1 hour limit for each monster.
5) After locking your NFTs, copy the password on your clipboard (CTRL+C)
6) Download the game client here.
7) Execute the installer and follow the steps
8) Execute BinamonRunner.exe
9) Press 'play game.' A window to enter the password will open. Paste the password from step 5 (CTRL+V).
10) Choose your monster and start playing!

How to Play

Playing is quite simple.
You can move and attack with the WASD keys. Hit the correct attack at the correct moment to hit the enemies. If you fail your attack, the enemy will hit you and you will lose time (the top bar). The time limit is 1 hour per monster.
The score is not a direct indicator of the earnings, as all the scores of the players are calculated, and you will get the share of the earnings based on your score percentage of the total.
If you have any suggestions or a bug to report, please use this form!
Have fun playing!
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