🪙Z1-BEP Token

BMON has interacted and mutated with the planet's atmosphere, creating Z1-BEP.

Z1-BEP has impressed our scientists and because of its discovery, we are able to unveil one of the biggest mysteries of Binamon’s Metaverse - the reason why other life forms besides Genesis Binamons exist.

Z1-BEP has triggered the creation of new Binamon variants - now even wilder than the Genesis Binamons!

These new creatures have adapted and evolved from the wilder aspects of Planet Crypton - partly because this planet is more inhospitable.

Through the environment's harsh conditions, Planet Crypton Binamons are said to be tougher and more resilient to external forces.

Z1-BEP will be traded with BMON. You'll be able to sell or buy whenever you want, and exchange it for BMON or BNB as well as with other stable coins.

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