👾Monster NFTs

Monsters are the main characters in Binamon's metaverse. They are the most coveted and rare assets in the Binaverse.

Binamon Genesis NFTs

These NFTs are Genesis Binamons, which are the original Binamons that are used for a variety of in-game features. If you’re new to Binamon, this is the first type of Booster Pack you’ll likely want to buy.

When you purchase Binamon Genesis NFTs, you’ll find that each NFT has the following characteristics or traits:

  • Class: Binamons are classified from class 1 to 12. This allows you to battle Binamons of the same class. The higher the class of a Binamon, the better the rewards in tournaments.

  • Attack: The attack is the strength of a Binamon. Attack ranges anywhere from 1 to 12.

  • Hornpower: The defense a Binamon has to withstand attacks. This number ranges from 10 - 100

  • Element: The element gifts the Binamon with unique qualities. We currently have 6 possible elements: Forest, Water, Fire, Light, Psychic, and Quantum.

  • Power: This trait will be used more in later updates, but for now the higher the power, the overall better the NFT.

All this is randomly generated when monsters boosters are purchased (3 cards per booster), through a RARITY Algorithm that is completely random, performed via the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

You might also notice some text underneath the Genesis NFTs that says ‘Algorithmic cost.’ The Algorithmic Cost is determined based on the difficulty of generating the characteristics of a Binamon. The more rare your Binamon’s traits, the higher the algorithmic cost

You can use the Binamons you collect in Quick Battle Mode, earning BMON tokens in the process. You can also simply hold your Binamons and automatically earn BMON and BNRG staking rewards every 24 hours.

Binamon's monsters have 5 main characteristics, these are hosted in the Binance Smart Chain (on-chain).

The complete collection of Genesis Monster NFTs can be found here. Alternatively, you can see the contract address of the NFT collection here: 0x39F742ba717F6203e081fBC0418FA60F1e245Ea1

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