Purchasing Binamon NFT Booster Packs
After you've got your wallet and Binamon tokens sorted out, it's time to buy your own Binamon monsters!
The Binaverse currently has 3 tokens:
  • The BMON token, used to buy Binamon Genesis NFTs and Crypton Binamons
  • The BNRG token, used to buy Energy NFTs
  • The BMON-Z1 token, used to buy Crypton Binamons
In order to buy Booster Packs, you’ll need the respective tokens. To obtain these tokens, you can use the ‘Trade’ feature and swap your BNB for the respective tokens in Pancakeswap’s exchange.
It’s also useful to know that you’ll receive 3 random NFTs per Booster Pack you purchase.
Special Note: The price for these NFT Booster Packs may increase in the future due to the ‘Halving’ Event. During the halving, the number of tokens required to open a booster pack increases depending on the number of NFTs minted. For more information on Halving, please visit the document here.
To buy an NFT Booster Pack, please make sure your cryptocurrency wallet is first connected by clicking on the ‘Connect’ button at the top-right of the screen. Next, click on the ‘Shop’ icon in the app. You’ll then be greeted with this screen:
You’ll also be able to see the respective prices for each Booster Pack. In order to first buy a Pack, you’ll need to complete 2 transactions—the approval transaction, which grants access to Binamon to spend your tokens, and the purchase transaction, which spends your tokens.
But which Booster Pack do you buy? If you want to jump straight into playing the P2E game, you’ll want to buy the Binamon Crypton NFT Booster Packs.
Each Booster Pack has different token requirements:
  • Binamon Genesis NFT Booster Packs: BMON tokens. When you buy the NFTs, the used tokens will be burned forever. These Packs increase in price by 200 BMON tokens every time 50,000 monster NFT cards are minted.
  • Metaverse Energy NFT Booster Packs: BNRG tokens. Similar to the Binamon Genesis Packs, the tokens used are also burned. This Booster Pack increases in price by 20 BNRG tokens every time 10,000 energy cards are minted.
  • Binamon Crypton NFT Booster Packs: Both BMON-Z1 and BMON tokens. 75% of the BMON used is sent to the rewards staking pool, and given out to those that hold Genesis Binamons NFTs. The Booster Packs increase in price by 200 BMON-Z1 and 50 BMON tokens every time 20,000 monster NFT cards are minted.

Step-by-Step Payment Procedure:

Step 1: Connect your wallet. You can find a button that would connect your Metamask account to the game.
Step 2: Click Approve Account. Once you click Approve Account a Metamask screen will pop out. Just click the confirm button to continue.
Step 3: Refresh. You should see a text flash on your screen that says you need to refresh it. After refreshing, the button will change to “Buy Booster."
Step 4: Click the Buy Booster button and a Metamask screen will pop out again. Click confirm and wait for your new monsters to be mined.
Note: Buying the next Booster Pack will be dead simple! Since you already know the process, just repeat the above steps and there you have it!
Next up, take a look at our Play page to get started playing!
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