Play to Earn (P2E) Game
The planet will have the first play to earn game in the Binamon Planetary Federation!
A Play To Earn Game is being implemented for Planet A-LGC-Z1.
Players will be able to play and earn daily rewards, which can then be exchanged for BMON and their favorite stable coin at the same time.
Being a productive planet, players will have to play to earn the rewards - there will be no auto-stake as with the Genesis collection. Your earnings can also be reinvested in different ways to increase the productivity of your creatures.
Each planet will have its own exclusive game, allowing the user to have a different game experience.
Creatures on each planet will only be able to play games on their own planet (after all, each planet has its own environmental conditions!).
Only NFT Genesis creatures will be able to play the A +++ original game (this game is being developed in conjunction with Koncepted)!
To play on Planet Crypton, head on over to our guide, or watch our video tutorial to get started!
Last modified 4mo ago
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