Stake your NFTs converting them into tokens and stake them in liquidity pools!

Manual Staking

You can also manually convert your Binamons into tokens to stake!
You’re going to have NFTs when you dive into Binamon anyway, so let’s put them to good use. On the Binamon NFT page, click on ‘Collection’ to see your list of Binamon monsters.
Once you’re there, you’ll see a list of your monsters, along with a few buttons up top.
Hit the 2 ‘Approve’ buttons up top to approve the transactions.
Once that’s done, you’ll see a button below each card. This number represents the amount of BGPWR tokens you’ll get, or Binamon Genesis Power Tokens. You can click on this button to convert your NFTs into tokens - but don’t worry! You can always convert your tokens back to NFTs at any time.
You’ll now see a new interface indicating the amount of tokens you have in purple, along with the amount of tokens you can potentially receive from your remaining Binamons in yellow:
Now, to start earning using your new BGPWR tokens, you’ll want to click on the ‘Rewards’ tab and look for the pools that have ‘BGPWR’ in them:
And now you're all set! Simply approve and you'll be staking your NFTs for extra BNRG.
Passive income just got a lot cooler. 😎
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